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    Internet Explorer 7/Vista problem. Opening new page freezes, all pages go hazy white

    Please don't reply with "Use Firefox" or "IE7 sucks!" I know its not the best but I continue to use it so I can fix my family's problems and others who do.

    Hey guys,
    This one has been bugging me. I've only seen this problem on the IE7 while using Vista but I'm not sure if the prblem is related. Anyway, when I try to open up a new web page, sometimes that new page just freezes up and you wait... Then if you try to go back to the older window, or any other open internet window and click on it, they get a hazy white and freeze up as well. You can also call it a light gray color, as if celophane was placed over that page. Then all the pages crash.

    This has happened on many different computers of mine, Quads, Duos, PCs with $300 GPUs, PCs with no GPU... The only thing in common is Vista and IE7. I looked on the web and couldn't find any info?

    Again, I know Firefox is more stable, but it's better to learn what is causing the problem so I can help others fix it because IE7 is a more common operating system. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    I am not exactly sure what is wrong. So I am just going to toss in some input that may help.

    I am using Linux and sometimes my browser will crash using flash. The Compiz (3D desktop) will gray out the browser and it freezes up until I kill it.

    Is there any pattern to the issue that you can narrow down? Since IE7 seems to be pretty stable from my experience. Now flash in the mix can cause issues. Or a plug in related to the browser. I know I just dealt wit ha java issue on my wifes machine. It was crashing out her IE7. I narrowed it down to the virus scanner was doing something nutty when java fired off. Switched out the VS and the issue went away.

    Hope this helps some.

    You could look at your error logs and see what might show up in that.

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    Does it only happen on some specific websites that you know of or is it completely random at all? Did you already try resetting your settings to default?

    Run HijackThis, see what plugins or whatever IE7 is running and delete/de-activate them one by one. I see this happen on some systems too.

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    This greying or hazing problem happens on different PCs at different websites, even this one but it happens randomly. Maybe 1 out of every 20 new pages I try to open it happens? The only things the problem has in common is:

    1. IE7
    2. Vista
    3. Only happens when opening a new web page off a link or right "Open in a new window"

    I'll try and run Hijack this and see what comes up?
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