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    I'm Still On SB Live! Value from 1998 Ha!

    Yeah so I'm still on this crap card I got with an HP Pavilion back in 99 I believe. Oh my gosh is this thing just a pile of crap. Not only does it function properly as far as volume and muting goes, but I can't even get EAX in games.

    What should I get that is cost effective that I can use for music and today's games? My budget is $100.

    Do not suggest the X-Fi Fatality
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    Thats funny 'cause so am I & the different environment effects work. I am on Windows XP SP2 with the LiveDrvUni-Pack set of drivers.
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    For 100$ there are some decent options. If you're bent on not getting any creative products you can try Auzentech, though I believe that uses creative tech.

    I just ordered the Razer Barracuda AC-1, it seems to be a good card with some interesting features - I think it cost me 89.99!

    You can try some of the oldar Asus Xonar models, they seem to be well-recommended.

    Most of the intense gaming soundcards start popping up at 120-160$.

    It's a matter of taste really - go check your retailers and then google for reviews, that's your best bet!

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    Do you usually game? Or do you like to rock out? There are different sound cards for different purposes.

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    The OP stated that he does both gaming and music on his PC.

    To be honest, I think some of the Creative models are pretty good - and not too expensive. They have newer EAX support which is good for games, and also something called the Crystalizer which is designed to fix the gaps in most audio formats.

    All in all, the creative cards are picking up some momentum after adapting to the vista scene that fubar'd their normal process.

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    The Razer Barracuda AC-1 can be had for $50 on woot today. Not a bad deal for a decent sound card. I havent used it so I cant comment personally on it, Im still rocking my SB Live, lol.
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    Have you looked at the XFI Fatal1ty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theocnoob View Post
    Have you looked at the XFI Fatal1ty?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mak3 View Post
    Do not suggest the X-Fi Fatality
    No Rig currently :(
    New Rig to be built in coming months......i7? Maybe :)

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    I still have the same card, just because i never needed anything more.

    My solution the the problem was just going to the integrated Intel one... didn't notice that much difference. Specially because i doubt any games today are made to support the ancient EAX 1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightning[983] View Post
    I still have the same card, just because i never needed anything more.

    My solution the the problem was just going to the integrated Intel one... didn't notice that much difference. Specially because i doubt any games today are made to support the ancient EAX 1...
    You would be quite surprised.
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    i scored a x-fi extreme music or audio *i forget which one came first* out of a Dell oem pc for liek $60 bucks about over a year ago
    happy with it. great with my logitech 5.1 system.

    But ive always been a creative nut. Just dont feel like dishing out over $100 on a soundcard either.. Tho its nice to have a good one since it takes a load off ur computer from processing sound.
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