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    Intel Matrix Raid0 + Raid0 Vs Raid0 + Raid1

    I have Asus P5K deluxe with ich9r and jmicron cont.
    i have 2x samsung HD322HJ + 2x80gb pata backup if needed

    Wondering could i get more performance on:
    2x raid0 , 1st for Os second for games like AOC. and Pata drive on jmicron for backup
    1x raid0 +1xraid1 matrix and 2x partiion on raid0 1 os 1 apps.

    any differences in speed?

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    If you don't need RAID1 as it seems, don't consider it. If you're looking to optimize performance, make one RAID0 array and make a partition to the size you need to fit the OS/app/games. Install everything there. Splitting OS, apps and games won't increase performance and you don't need to use Matrix RAID as the partition will work the same way without making things more complicated.
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