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    sapphire 3870x2 hot as helllll

    Just built my system dont even have windows on it. literally booted it for the first time 10 minutes ago and the card is getting hot... the air its kicking out of the back it hot (im not sure what is normal) and the surface of the card is very hot to the touch. what temp should this thing be running at? if i held my fingers on this card for a few seconds it would hurt.

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    it's 2 powerful gpu's packed into 1 card, of course it's gonna be hot!
    get some monitoring software going. if it's over 60c then it's abnormal i'd say

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    Add more fans to your case if possible. You'll want 2-3 intake and 1-2 exaust blowing pretty heavily to move that heat.

    Also when you boot into windows, put the GPU fan speed on the highest.

    +1 to checking the temperature when you get into windows too, ATI Tool is a good one.
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    ok thanks for the input, tomorows work! gotta work in the morning hopefuly i can get it up and running like a beauty

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    My HD 3850 ran in the 80's at full load.

    (This will void your warranty, when done correctly can also add to the life of your card.)

    If you are not affraid to take the heatsink off. I would advise you to do that. Seems like ATI has gone back to there old self with the TIM and heatsinks. When I took mine off a few days ago, I had no TIM on the GPU. It had been pressed to the side of it and when I felt the heatsink, it was so rough I dont think 40% of it was actually touching the GPU.

    I ended up lapping the heatsink very carefully to get the "waves" out of it and made it as smooth as possible without gashing the alum.. After I did that I applied some AS5.

    Now my full load temps do not go past 68c and the idle is right around 36c (+/-1c).

    I think you will be very suprised and PO when/if you take the heatsink off and odds are you are going to find that to be your heat issue.

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    A good cooler WILL blow lots of hot air out the back.

    As long as your temps are =<75c I would not give it a second thought.

    Reapplying the heatsinks may help a fair bit.
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