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    ups shipping question

    I live in an apartment so when I order stuff I have it sent to my parents house. Anyways I ordered some stuff ups a few minutes ago and accidently put my zip code instead of theirs (same town -- maybe 5 miles away from eachother) do you guys think there will be an issue with the shipping?

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    You should be good, especially if its the same town as it will end up at the same UPS Hub. At most a day delay in delivery if it gets put on a truck that doesn't handle that specific route.
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    Check your email. If the shipper doesn't have an issue, then UPS will send it to the most specific address that they have.

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    You should be fine, although once I accidentally put the wrong (my home) zip code on an order for work. This was via USPS. Well it caused it to go to a different post office, which was only about 10 minutes from the one it should have went to. The package got caught in a loop, as it kept being transfered back and forth between post office's. I kept trying to pick it up at the post office, but it was being routed through the main hub at the airport, so it would get on the truck at 6am, go to the airport for rerouting, then be put on a later truck and not get to the second post office till around 4/4:30 and wouldn't be sorted until the next morning where it was thrown back on the truck because the post office thought it was in the wrong place.

    After about a week of this one of the post masters said he would personally hold the package for me. Needless to say I've never made the mistake again.
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    Thanks. Im also going to try and call the place I ordered from first thing in the morning and see if they can edit the shipping info before it goes out.

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    You guys must have missed the NGeo channel segment last week regarding UPS.(also on History Channels Modern Marvels) The whole show was UPS, and they spoke of this exact issue when walking around their Worldport and how incorrect zips get handled. (I'm sure the show will be repeated, you should watch it, very interesting. Things like, ever notice that UPS drivers never make left turns while driving the UPS trucks? All kinds of info. I just wanted to know how a global priority next morning overnight delivery packages get halfway around the world so quickly. Well they showed how they do it. One of the better shows I've watched in awhile.

    Now, initially the parcel might get let astray if local, if not, when the parcel gets to the UPS Worldport, their supercomputer should identify and fix this easily by itself, it goes something like this:

    The parcel leaves your local UPS facility if not local, then heads to Kentucky where the worlds largest UPS package facility resides. It then gets classified into three groups, small, bigger and unmanageable. Unmanageable is big parcels that may have trouble on their 100 miles of laser readers, camera readers and all sorts of gadgetry and conveyor belts. When your package gets to the Kentucky facility, it gets sized and initially scanned, then off to the main reader where humans are also there putting the labels on, but only after the main camera and laser readers which are linked to a massive server farm uses it's massive computer bank brains to see if all the info is correct. Your's will be stopped by the UPS super brain server, it will easily identify the wrong zip. (What's amazing is this system is uber fast, I'm glad I watched this, as I always wondered how they do it)

    Anyway, once the super brain servers see your issue, at this point the package will be identified, then the correction is applied (The wrong zip), then a new label is put on and then it goes on the conveyor leading to the correct UPS plane or if local, the proper UPS truck to get it where it needs to go.

    The place is huge, four million sqr feet (80+ football fields at present) and there's plans for it to get alot bigger in the near future, its already gone through expansions. Place is bigger than the Louisville domestic and international passenger terminal next door.
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    thank you SSS for the definitive answer
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    You can call the local hub and ask them to reroute it. Shippers tend to like it when you're proactive like that.
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