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    Window Mod pics..

    Check it out here and let me know what you think. Theres alot of pics that are thumbnailed so it might take some time to load.

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    nice getting ready to add a window to my Antec 1040 server case (black)...thank god its not near that thick...closer to 1/8 inch..
    Im still reading up on methods of cutting though..cuz I dont want to mess up my nice new case..I've already modded it a little..I added 2 120mm intake fans in the side..

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    nice one, i'm currently working on one to. but i am making a box with sharp edges. what can i use for molding?

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    LOL this is going to really sound wierd but.....................there is a kick but molding that trims the seat of rideing lownmowers MTD/ LOWES/ CRAFTSMEN/ AYP, BLAH BLAH BLAH anyways just grab yours or hey your neighbors and blam! it's rubber coated metal really hugs good had to squeeze it a bit to get a really tight fit but no biggies thats what pliers are for right?
    here you can get a slight look at what i am talking about has a nice texture too matches the case texture nicely...yes it can be painted to match

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    I used that rubber coated metal too, works great, and if you round the corners of the window you can wrap ir around and it looks really sharp.

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    I really hated molding so I just covered ALL sides of my SYstem with LEXAN. Hehehehe.
    The parts I didn't want to see through I simply painted.

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