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    Universe at war?

    Just curious if anyone plays this? There a decent amount of people playing this online?

    I haven't played a RTS in years but some reason this game really looks good to me. I hate the world war stuff so burned out on it.

    So just looking for some opinions on it.

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    honestly if you are looking for a good rts steer clear of universe at war. I tried it for about 15 minutes and then I uninstalled it.
    A similar looking game that I would recommend is dawn of war.
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    The screen caps look good as does the writeup on wikipedia. I am grabbing the demo now and will get back to you after trying it out.

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    I agree, it was a horrible RTS, about 5 mins of playing and I uninstalled it.
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    I will never know just how bad it may be because it does not work with my MX518 gaming mouse and there are no options to remap the control that I need to get through the second step in the tutorial.

    So yah, if the programming is that bad, it does not bode well for the rest of the game. I would give it zero stars.

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    worst rts in a long time, it was the guys that made star wars empire at war , but that also had some of the worst ground combat ever.
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    These were the people who made the original Command and Conquer series. I guess every company has a bad apple.
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