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    GPU folding while in a game?

    Are you supposed to shut off GPU folding while in a game? I was playing some UT and all of the sudden textures switched all around. <-- Pictures

    Now I'd think this is either because of an unstable overclock or because f@h is hogging all the GPU power? I only have it clocked to 733 MHz and isn't f@h supposed to stop when other programs need the processing power? (Yes, I have it set for that) I even have a fan attached to my video card (which gave a 20C temp drop )

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    I was able to play games with it running. I wouldn't do it all the time though.
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    not recommended , but possible . video is choppy for me , have not gamed with it running yet

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    My windows desktop is slower then snot when gpu folding on my system, window redrawing is extremely sluggish. I haven't dared try to game while fahgpu is active. I don't know exactly what is wrong with my setup, my 8800GT is running at stock yet I'm seeing frame times of around 30 seconds on most WUs, my PPD seems to be about half of what others are getting. The card itself is fine, I can pull 13k out of 3DM06. I don't know why my frame times are so poor, or why windows is so slow, as these ailments are not affecting others running this gpu beta client.....or at least people aren't mentioning it.

    Sorry for the semi-hijack, it is kind of related to the topic at least.
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    my computer crashed when i tried. and same as benbaked as far as the desktop goes.
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    Ben I have a similar problem - windows GUI is sluggish for me too... and it locked up a couple times last night. NP on the hijack

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    Are you running the 177.35 drivers? I'm not having any lag problems on any of my boxes for most things. Some games and video make it lag, but I turn off the client when I'm using them.
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    I get more or less the same problem as the OP when running a game while running F@H GPU, however I only get messed up textures when a WU finishes and alt+tabbing out and back in fixes it.

    For some games F@H will run along-side them perfectly, otheres you'll have to pause it/close it.
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    I close the program when running games and i pause it while watching videos.
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