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    (2x2GB) - Platinum, Reaper, Reaper X, Gold or Titanium?

    i'm set for a new ram upgrade. i wanna go with ocz because corsair is too expensive (in my country/area), crucial have bad rep with RMA's etc, others i havne't heard much of, so OCZ sounds the safest

    any owners have any of the following?
    and does the Powerchip modules in the Reaper and Reaper X really make that much of a diff between the Micron modules?

    any opinions are invited.
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    I've the DDR2-1066 4GB version. It's stable max OC that I can run it so far is 1080. Havent tried any higher yet but will soon. Can also do CAS4 at lower than DDR2-900

    I'm happy! You can't go wrong

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