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Thread: Which 4870?

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    Which 4870?

    Who makes the best ATI cards, Diamond, Saphire, HIS, etc..

    I currently have 2 Diamond 3870's, have had no problems so far, thinking of going with one 4870 to put in my water loop when the blocks become available. Which would you guys buy & why??
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    Get the visiontek for the lifetime warranty.Also i think gainward switched over to ati now to.

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    Gainward = Palit

    Technically, all these cards are based on the reference design so they should be the same. Non-reference cards may come later.
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    I'll be buying a 4870 soon and I'm going for sapphire or HIS. Hope my choice helps you make a choice
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    Who makes the best ATI cards, Diamond, Saphire, HIS, etc..
    They are all the same, so go for the one that has the best bundle and warranty.
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    It's REALLY hard choosing ATi brands.

    Diamond, HIS, Sapphire, they all have a place in my heart over the many years.

    Morality crisis... with brands... gahh...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WorshipMe View Post
    They are all the same, so go for the one that has the best bundle and warranty.
    Just watch core speeds and mem speeds, some can get a little more out of each model.

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    if the diamonds have the xdna i'd def go with a diamond over any other brand...supposedly can be sli'd as well as crossfired =)
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