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    Question Desk top Icons don't work

    Hi, I have a weird problem I was getting a flash6.oxc registry error and my registry repair program wouldn't correct it, so I used adobie flash uninstaller to remove the flash 9 player.Ran my registry repair program fixed problems,Then it rendered my desk top Icons useless, System restore did not help. So I proceeded to do an XP-PRO repair with the OS cd. It did not fix my problem. The only way I can acess any programs is with the task manager utility. Is there a way to fix my problem ? Without a clean reinstall ? I have one drive with three partions on it One is dedicated for operating sys. only.
    By the way the flash 6 problem still exists.

    Please help, Thank you, HammerHeadHank

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    Sounds like you went to deep into your system. Do you have any idea what you could've done? Or a virus did this to you. What is the stiutation your in where you cannot reinstall? Do you not have to OS disk to do it? Are you afraid of loosing your data?

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    so start menu icons do not launch either? What if you go directly to the exe? Have you tried creating new shortcuts? Maybe you have lost permissions to the existing shortcuts?
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    Open Task Manager and select "File", then "New Task". In the box type"c:\windows\explorer.exe" without the quotes. This might bring up your icons and start menu. Post back IF this helps. We can work from there.

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