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    Getting a new setup, any advice?

    It's been a few years since I got my last water cooling system so I've been thrown out of the loop a bit. I've been doing some research and think I've picked out some good parts. I'm mainly going for silence in this build.

    Rad: ThermoChill PA120.2
    CPU: D-Tek FuZion v2 w/ quadcore insert
    Pump: Swiftech MCP655-B
    Tubing: Tygon 3/4" OD 1/2" ID
    Fans: Silverstone FN121

    Like I said, I'm mainly going for silence in this build and would appreciate any comments/suggestions you guys may have. Also would a shroud be necessary for the PA120.2? My last rad was a danger den double heatercore and I used a shroud for it.

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    the thermochill rads and others already have shrouds built in i believe but i cannot confirm that.

    as for the setup its a nice setup and aside from the tygon, fans and rad its my setup. it will work out good for you.
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    Yea, no worries. Good stuff. You don't need a shroud unless your really pushing the heat load and need every watt dissipated. You won't be close to it and even if you were, the shroud only gives about 2C help on overall water temps anyway.

    A TC rad doesn't have a shroud built in, there is about 3/8" of space between the fan mount and actual rad.

    If you plan to cool a hot GPU in the future, I'd think about getting the 120.3 right off the bat tho.

    That pump is good, the vario one has higher flow, but the MCP355 and a good aftermarket top is even better, and it's kinda smaller. More $$$ tho. If I need to add a pump later, it will be one of these for sure.

    Here a good place to look at pumps etc.
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