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Thread: Q6660 OC issues

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    Q6660 OC issues

    hi all i am trying to overclock my q6600 to 3ghz i have managed to do it but at ramdom times it refuses to POST i then resets the bois to defaults and then re-overclock and it works or other times it POST then gets into windows i then get blue screen of death and it resets and returns all bios settings to stock i then yet again re do the overclock and it then works and boots in to windows normal could some one help me find the reason why i get this issue i am running 64bit prime95 right now at home on it to check to see for any erros but wont b able to report any thing back untill i finish work at 5.15GMT london i have a few screen shots of CPUID and core temp but wile prime 95 was runing before i left my house the temps were mad like 79c 82c 75c.

    can any one help i am new to this stuff do i need to change a setting in the bios or what up the Vcore any thing some help me plaese

    those readings of the temps were before i started to run prime95 so ignore them
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    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Stepping @ 3.01GHz
    HDD: Maxtor STM3160215AS 160GB SATAII 7200RPM 2MB Cache - OEM
    M/B: Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R Socket 775 8 Channel Audio ATX MotherboardeSATA 8channel Audio ATX Motherboard
    Grfx: Asus 8500GT TOP Overclocked Edition 256MB DDR3 DVI VGA TVO PCI-E Graphics Card
    RAM: Corsair 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2.
    PSU: 650W ATX Silent PSU with 12cm fan/dual
    Case:I-Cute White UL01 Mid Tower Case With Side Window and 12cm Blue LED Fan

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    need a pic with memory and spd tab open, as well you can open cpuz more then once.

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    i have overclocked mine to 3.5 and had no issues on air ran prime 95 for 8 hours and not a problem

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    even so those are some crazy high idle temps, mine is @ 3.1 right now and idles @ around 38° which is high imo load is about 58° and your core voltage is pretty high and so is your vid might just be a sour chip i have found that 1.375 is the sweetspot as far as voltage is concerned for my chip you might try to reseat your hsf and check your air flow?
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    Maybe your CPU HSF isn't mounted properly? If it is, you should consider some aftermarket cooling.

    From the information currently available, I'd take a guess and say running your memory out of spec is what's making the PC fail to POST at times.
    CPU: Q6600 @ 3.40 Ghz (378x9)
    Mobo: Gigabyte X38-DS5
    RAM: 4x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800
    PSU: HEC 550watt

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    Use the following BIOS template to list all of your current settings (this template is from a GA-X38-DQ6 BIOS, but should be similar to the GA-P35C-DS3R)...
    MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT)
    Robust Graphics Booster:
    CPU Clock Ratio:
    CPU Host Clock Control:
    CPU Host Frequency(Mhz) :
    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) :
    Performance Enhance :
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD)
    Memory Frequency(Mhz):
    DRAM Timing Selectable :
    Standard Timing Control
    CAS Latency Time: :
    DRAM RAS# to CAS# :
    DRAM RAS# Precharge :
    Precharge Delay(tRAS) :
    Advanced Timing Control
    ACT to ACT Delay(tRRD) :
    Rank Write to READ Delay :
    Write To Precharge Delay :
    Refresh to ACT Delay : 
    Read To Precharge Delay : 
    tRD :
    tRD Phase Adjustment :
    Command to #CS Timing: :
    Clock Driving and Skew Control
    CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control :
    CPU Clock Skew Control : Normal
    (G)MCH Clock Skew Control : Normal
    System Voltage Control
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control :
    PCI-E OverVoltage Control :
    FSB OverVoltage Control :
    (G)MCH OverVoltage Control :
    MCH Reference Voltage Control : Normal
    DDR Reference Voltage Control : Normal
    DDR Termination Voltage Control : Normal
    CPU GTLREF1 Voltage* :
    CPU GTLREF2 Voltage* :
    CPU Voltage Control :
    Normal CPU Vcore :
    Advanced Bios Features
    CPU Multi-Threading
    Limit CPUID Max to 3
    No-Execute Memory Protect
    CPU Enhanced Halt(CIE)
    CPU Thermal Monitor 2
    CPU EIST Function
    Virtualization Technology
    Note: * Items are Hidden press [CTRL] + [F1] from the BIOS main menu to access.

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