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    Move from DDR2 too DDR3

    Hi Guys

    I have an Asus Rampage motherboard with a Q6600 clocked at 3006 MHZ, Dual Powercolor 4870's.

    Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 2GB (2x XMS2 1GB) PC-8500 (1066MHz)

    When I look at CPUZ it shows at the 5,5,5,15 setting it is 400mhz. Should i be seeing 1066 mhz in the memory part off CPUZ.

    I had a look at some off the memory posts you guys have made and some off you are getting over 1000mhz from your memory.

    Do you suggest I get some new DDR3 memory, something like OCZ PC3-1600 or GSKILL PC3 12800.

    Only problem is the motherboard manual say it supports DDR2.

    Thanks Trevor
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    Well, to start, if you want to go with DDR3, you will need a new motherboard. You have a good motherboard so I wouldn't go buying a new one just for DDR3.

    DDR2 is double clocked, meaning if your FSB is running at 400MHz, your memory is running at 800MHz. So yours is running at 800MHz. Just because the ram is rated for 1066MHz, doesn't mean it will always run that speed.

    You have four options if you stick with the ram you have. You can a) increase your FSB, your ram will take it but idk if your processors will. B) change the divider between the FSB and ram. It should be at 1:1 (that's before doubling the ram speed), and you can increase the ram speed without affecting the CPU. There is a hit in performance if not 1:1, but I don't know to what extent on your setup. C) Try lowering the ram timings. If the ram is rated at 5,5,5,15@1066, then it will probably run with lower timings at a lower speed, ie 4,4,4,12@800. D) Just be happy

    I would personally try a mix between A and C, follow that up with some D. Good luck
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    can we get a screen of your cpuz? i would think your memory tab would say 667 since your overlcocked to 3ghz. id make sure your ram ratio in the bios isnt on auto, and play with that. the spd table is just jdec standards for those frequencies, not what your actually running at. stick w/ the ddr2
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