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    Ionized Water/PH water >7.0 Anyone uses the machine or drink or knows anything?

    Question since I cant seem to find a straight answer from anyone online or from people.

    Does anyone here drink ionized water or water with ph of more than 7.0?

    Is ionized water with base/netural PH good for you? If you have an answer, please back it up with an example or source.

    Is there any studies concerning this someone can link me to? I cant seem to find a study on the effects of drinking acidic/netural/base water for prolongs amount of time of how it effects the human body.

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    yeah you want neutral ph
    btw, ionized water is high ph.

    high ph will neutralize the acids in your body "they say" it will prolong your life span.

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    Just take an antacid.

    tum tum tum tum TUMS.

    Problems with reduced stomach acidity

    Reduced stomach acidity may result in an impaired ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients, such as iron and the B vitamins. Since the low pH of the stomach normally kills ingested bacteria, antacids increase the vulnerability to infection. It could also result in reduced bioavailability of some drugs. For example, the bioavailability of ketoconazole (antifungal) is reduced at high intragastric pH (low acid content).
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    Milk is slightly acidic.
    Orange Juice is also acidic.

    So I don't think there are large problems drinking a slightly different PH water.
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    Tap water is slightly basic because of the added Flourine.
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    As a person with a background in water treatment for cities, I can tell you we had DI water on tap for the chemlab...

    Nobody drank the stuff, it tastes nasty and holds no benefit for you.

    It does wash up labware nicely.

    Stomach acid is Hcl acid you know.

    Nothing you drink is gonna change that.
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