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    Is this heat damage?

    After my system crashed because of heat issues, i found my thermal paste dissapeared. Very odd, well this is my poor xp 3200+ barton. Is she salvageable? I cant quite tell right now because im having issues still with the computer. The post is in general discussion, but here, what do you think of this white crap around the spot where the paste goes? Its where the rubber sealer is around the edges of the metal and board.
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    You can try and see by putting some more TP on it.

    Over time, the thermal paste (especially the silicon grease or 'foam' thermal pad) basically looses its thermal conductivity as the stuff dries out over time.

    I built a PC with an Athlon XP 2100+ Palomino that has burnt marks around the CPU die and it still kickass :P.

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    thats encouraging. I really love this thing. As old as socket A is she still flies when running properly.
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    I had a Duron that had the corner of the die chipped off that still ran I bet it's fine but on the other hand I did get scammed into buying a couple dead Athlon XPs that looked fine (die looked like that of a working chip) off ebay a while ago.

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    Get some MX-2 and smear it all over there
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    mx-2? and i guess ill have to see when i get these issues cleared up, but im still clueless so. who knows when thatll be. ill let you guys know.
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