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    Talking hi all

    hi ive just bought a asus a7a266 mobo and i have an amd 1200 thunderbird (locked) i am a n00b to overclocking but i know that this is a good board for doing so.i was just wondering what clock speed i should run it at?i am buying the board from a friend that is using an amd 1400 so the clock speed is set to 1400?would this fry my board?i also have a modified gts card.
    nice to see that someone else is using the vbulletin forum, but it would be better to turn email activation off.also i could advise you on how to remove the white line on the top of the board if you want to.also nice to see the msn hack
    ...thanks all jay
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    First of all welcome to your new addiction of overclocking....
    Nowadays the almost all mobos adjust will recognize the CPU automatically.

    It is better if you reset the cmos before powering up the comp.

    I am not conversant with asus mobos, therefore it is better if you place this in the asus section.

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    Welcome to the forum, I hope that someone can help you with your questions but unfortunately I can not suggest a speed to run your system at as not all components are created equal.. as you state you are a 'n00b to overclocking' perhaps it would be advisable to read the beginners guides on the front of which will give you an indication of the task ahead.. and hopefully we will then be able to assist with any questions you have, however you would need to tell us more about your system such as tempratures and the hsf being used.

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