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    Sprayed liquid content onto my HDD!

    Hey guys it's me el bom bom ! lol xD Well anyways, i just bought some Air Cans to blow all that lint and dust out from the inside of my computer, and I ended up tilting the Air canister sideways causing it to dispense some type of liquid into my Hard Drive. When this happened i felt like someone cut my testicles off haha xD So yeah i was hoping someone could give me some insight onto what i should do! Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated guys

    Oh and btw the case is only cluttered because i was moving things around xD

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    it evaporated almost instantly. does it still work? if so leave it be
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    Oh gosh thank god you answered! xD Well at this very moment i am on my lap top, because i haven't tried turning on my computer. I mean im just scared to death, so what would you suggest outhouse: should i turn on my computer, leave it off for 24 hours, or just remove the HDD incase it might cause a short circuit in my system? Any suggestions would be great i just don't want to turn my system on at this very moment without any feedback from someone that has encountered this before! Or maybe a senior member like "OUTHOUSE" xD

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    It's liquid air, it evaporates immediately. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
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    Okay thank you both very much "outhouse" "Satsumomo" now i feel secure and safe turning my computer back on, thanks much!

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