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    Intel 6400 2.13GHz overclocked

    Right it is my first time overclocking, I have the system below

    Antec 900 case
    200MM case FAN
    4x 120MM case fans
    None stock CPU cooler 92mm and thermal paste
    Nvidia 8800GT MSI 512 with none stock cooler.
    ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard
    Hyper 435W PSU

    Right what i've modified

    I've overclocked my CPU on the bios, FSB is at 1600 on two cores so it runs at 3.2 stable,

    underload at 39 to 41C
    Onload from 41 to 47C never goes any higher

    The Vcore is at 1.47 to 1.5v
    Is the vcore too high? I have 9 fans in my machine, would you class that as hardcore cooling?

    The RAM I have 2GB of ram, 2x 1GB 667MHz overclocked to 800MHz

    Is this a good setup? I am unsure and would like some confermation, I payed crysis on it and it beasted for ages 2 hours I played.

    Information on CPU

    Information on RAM

    My information if you don't understand what im talking about, im new to the forum so if this is the wrong section im sorry.

    Anyhow I hope you can tell me if im frying or making my computer unstable!

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    I wouldn't go any higher on the vcore... can you achieve the same overclock with LESS vcore? If you can use less vcore you should... always use the least amount necessary for the OC. Sure the setup is good, it depends on what you want to do with it... for some intense rendering, you would need way more CPU power but for general use nd games it will be fine. 9 fans does not constitute hard core cooling... Water cooling wouldn't even be considered hard core IMO, phase change cooling OTOH would. You won't fry anything, the CPU's will shut off to protect themselves before death generally. I would try to lower the vcore a bit though and see if can get the same OC.
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    Well I have lowered the core to a stable boot mode, plays games well, cpu underload is 36 to 38 but I upped the FSB and its now running at 3.3GHz

    - Intel core 2 duo 6400 @ 3.30GHz

    Does anyone have any idea how hot it should be allowed to get, so I feel safe at getting it any higher than 3.3GHz.
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    You can check the CPU individual core temperatures with CoreTemp, and find out the CPU integrated heatsink temperature with SpeedFan.

    I'd suggest reading up on how those work as well as familiarizing yourself with the Tjunction and Tcase values for the E6400.

    Stability testing is usually done with prime95/orthos.

    I'd say his vcore is ok since there's a pretty high drop/droop on his board.

    You can read the stickied guide on overclocking core2duos/quads on this forum for more info.
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    Right, thank you for the post on software, I have one more question, I have an issue if the cores are reaching 66c to 67c on each core, would that be classed as frying personally I think 100%load 67c IS FRYING! and if not then im mistakenly stupidly new to overclocking.

    Im running core temp on load both cores do not go above 67c and im testing with Orthos at the same time, my Tj. Max is 85c im not sure if WHATs happening is healthy for my board or CPU.

    Typically overclocking isn't health anyhow.

    When testing the cores im oc'd at 3.2GHz.

    Expecting a reply soon. ty

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    I replied to your PM onek with links. I hope it's a good start. Familiarize with the starting guidelines. I'll try to help out when I have the time... tonight I'm busy.
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    are you sure you can't run it without as high vcore?
    i could run 3.2GHz w/ 1.32v, currently running 1.34GHz with 1.4v

    glad to still see ppl with good ole' cpus
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