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Thread: Ram cooling

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    Ram cooling

    What are some methods for cooling ram? The heatspreaders on mine get so hot I cant. even touch them.
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    You can buy a 'ram cooler' as such, or you can just get an extra case fan (whatever size you have room for, etc) and rig it up so that it points at the ram.
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    If you've been in the game for a while then you'll (hopefully) have at least two P1 era heatsinks complete with fans. Take two 50mm fans, zip tie them together side by side and mount them on top of your ram using rubber bands.

    Either that or pay $15 (or more) for basically the same thing from a company that won't give you results that perform better, but it will look prettier.

    If you haven't been in the game long enough to have a couple of P1 coolers lying around then go to your local computer shop and buy a couple for $5 each from their old parts bin (and what self respecting mom and pop shop doesn't have a five dollar parts bin?) and use the fans to cool your ram and cut up the sinks to cool your mosfets or south bridge or vid ram or whatever you could improve by sinking.
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    I use the evercool crab cooler. It works well but the attachment method leaves something to be desired.
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