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    Flickering with my new Samsung T220

    Two days ago I bought myself a Samsung 22' T220 LCD Monitor, and thus far while it has proven itself in color fidelity with a custom ICC profile, and in overall quality, the monitor is giving me a headache literarily. Before I bought this one I had a 19inch CRT monitor for about 4 years

    The first day was a nightmare, experiencing headache as well as nausea. The problem is that white or bright areas seem to flicker while darker and black areas is smooth and fine like looking at a arch of paper. Adjusting the Monitor Brightness or Contrast doesnít help any. I also have very sensitive eyes, I can see if a CRT monitor runs at 60, 75, 85 or 100 hz, which makes it hard for me to determine whether this is standard for 22 inch monitors and itís just my eyes playing a trick on me, or if mine is faulty. But I can add that another LCD in my home, a 19 inch one, has no such issues however.

    For comparisons sake, itís like looking at a CRT monitor running at 75hz whenever Iím browsing the net or drawing in painter. Not overly bad, but give it an hour or two and youíll have tired eyes and maybe a slight headache.

    So what do you guys think, anyone else with sensitive eyes that can add to this, or am I the only one having this issue?

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    I checked with my brother, who owns a Samsung 22 SyncMaster 2232BW. Same issue there, flickers whenever there is something bright shown on the screen. Iím beginning to think that this is an ďissueĒ with my sight, rather than the monitors. He himself said he doesnít notice anything out of the ordinary, which made me almost gouge his eyes out to claim them as my own, but I digress.

    Iíd still very much like some input regarding this from anyone who have the same issues. Iíd really hate to go back to CRT monitors, albeit a smaller LCD with some other panel technology might be acceptable, I guess.

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    just to ask what refresh rate did you set the T220 to? i know i get slight headaches with my T190/740B at 60hz but oddly enough this didnt happen when using my 42in DLP. i do have my refresh on the T190 set to 75hz. maybe this will help with whats going on. while mine is smaller then your both are TOC(aka Touch of Color) as samsung like to call it. i happen to fully enjoy using my T190 over 42in DLP for gaming. Much better colors and IQ on the T190 vs DLP IMO.

    One other setting you might want to change as well is the RTA under the "setup" menu. RTA changes the monitors refresh time, it speeds it up when used. i turned mine off cause it was kinda wierd when scrolling up and down thru web pages.

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