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    Should my score be better?

    I've been reading about systems scoring 5000-6000 with rigs similar to mine but mine only scores 3100, at this moment my most demanding game (QIII Arena) runs perfect (speed & quality)
    but I wonder if my sys. is under-acheiving when running "3dMark 2001 Pro" and why.
    I have done the tweaks to both VC and CPU and this is the best score I've gotten(3100).
    here are my specs., maybe someone in this forum can explain this to me.
    Win 98
    1.3 ghz AMD Athlon @ 1.49
    384 pc 133 sys. Ram.
    K7T Turbo MB
    VIA KT133A Chipset
    ELSA Gladiac 511 64 Mb mem. o/c to: 210 core/ 375 mem.
    Drive C: (os drive) 3.2 Gig 5400 rpm
    Drive D: (storage) 40 Gig 7200 rpm


    The Gladiac 511 card is based on the NVidia GeForce 2 MX and works with same drivers.
    I downloaded latest drivers for Video card and MB.
    CPU Temp never goes over 49 C.
    Video Card has own HS/Fan.
    Can't o/c Video mem. over 375 mhz. (artifacts start showing).
    Other than upgrading to GeForce 3, what else can I do to up my score?
    Thank you.

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    I do not see any GF2 MX cards doing much past 4000, when I had mine the best after a week worth of tweaking was 4774. You might have seen GF2 Pro and TI's. But if it works good, then stick with it..
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    Well lets see, your score is still pretty good. From what I can tell of your system, your RAM is SDRAM PC133 and that is going to cut your score some there. The other thing is that your OS hard drive (I assume this is where you run 3dmark2001 from) is 5400 RPM. Hard drives are one of the more overlooked parts when people try to add speed to their computers. your 5400rpm drive probably only has a seek time of give or take 10ms. whereas that 7200rpm drive probably has a seek time of around 8 or 9. Depending on how old they are and models etc. But one thing you can do to improve the overall performance of your computer is to put that 7200rpm drive as your "OS" drive. You may want to run a benchmark (say SiSoft Sandra), on both your hard drives, and you may be surprised at the better speed of that 7200rpm. And finally, systems that you see most likely have DDR RAM, and various tweaks here and there, and that makes a big difference.

    Good luck.
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    Let me see, that is great.

    My friend who has a GeForce 2 GTS w/ an Athlon XP scores 4K something or was it 5K well it was something around there.
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    Welcome to the Forums

    That score is pretty good for your setup... If you honestly don't feel it's good enough... may I suggest overclocking
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    Thank you guys for your input, I guess my score is what it should be.
    I'll probly keep this card for as long as it runs my games properly
    (I hope at least 6 months) then I can upgrade and use this one for an older sys.
    As for putting the os on the 7200 rpm drive, maybe I will do in the future but for now all games run great as is.
    Happy O/C!

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    My system is in my sig. I hover around 2730. So you are about where you should be.
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    how is my score.. I have also seen much better for the same type hardware.. what should I do to get it Up..

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    Seems about right for a score if you haven't OC the GFX card yet. try bumping the card up a few notches, and see what you get.

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    Originally posted by Big_KiD
    how is my score.. I have also seen much better for the same type hardware.. what should I do to get it Up..
    I get 4700 with a geforce 2 gts at 1.4 ghz, yours should be better than it is. I dont see why it's low, though. Your system looks really good.

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    Score sounds pretty good...I got about 2950 w/ my MX400 card when I ran my 1G P3.

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    Your score looks very low for what should possible with your setup from the specs in your sig lines.

    When I popped the PNY Verto Ti 500 in my box and 2k1 3dmarked it with no setting tweaks or oc to baseline the setup it did 8488. That's with a TBird 1.4 @1603, 8x200 FSB, Kingmax DDR333@CAS 2.5.

    Looks like you have good stuph in the box, the FSB is decent speed and @CAS2 it should push some bytes. Dunno if your Soyo is a KT266 or KT266A, I think it isn't an A, the A's use the DDR a little better so the straight 266's suffer a little on the benchmarks.

    You don't list any OC specs for the Ti 500 so I assume you aren't oc'ing it yet.

    So, to get the 3dmark numbers up you can do some things right off the bat. Get coolbits or any utility which will let you oc the Ti 500, make sure AGP is set to 4x, set the AGP aperature (you'll have to mess with between 32 and 256) and fastwrites are enabled in the bios, turn off FSAA completely and set everything you can in the GF properties and/or whatever tweak utility you use to the fastest and crappiest GFX settings possible like no anistropic filtering, mip detail for performance not quality, vsync (vertical syncronization) OFF, no table fogging, direct map enabled, fast linear mipmap filtering, render no more ahead than 3 frames, buffer region extension, triple buffering, texture pre-cache and a W buffer with scaling betwen 40 and 60%.

    When you change something write down or remember what it is you changed and change one thing at a time after you have baselined your setup. The above works for me, it's not everything which can be changed, but it should give you a good start. BEFORE you go changing everything to get a better 3dmark carefully make note of what all the settings are NOW because you'll likely want to restore the GFX quality after you are all done. People don't generally mention it, but high scores = poo vid quality. If you mess with things long enough you'll get familiar with what rocks for you and what makes it look sweet.

    The best 3dmark scores will make games look like krap, but it is numeric bragging rights we're trying to get here, not a pretty monster on the screen.


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    Your scores on default 3dmark2001 should have been higher.
    Try all the drivers and see which one performs best with your system

    Det. 22.50 ,22.80,23.11

    Good luck

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