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    DuoOrb Question

    Alright went out on a limb and bought this for my 790i ULtra and Q6600. I previously had a freezer pro. At 3.5 I run 42c at idle and 65~ with prime95 running for 24 hours. When I put in my DuoOrb I idle at 36c BUT when under load I can't handle it. It will go over 80c in a few minutes and I just stop the test. I have installed many heatsinks and have check and recheck applied and re applied artic silver paste. Its not the paste, its not the tightness etc. Anyone else have a DuOrb and experience bad results. Any idea, can I tweak the fan speed or anything. I have been searching for quite some time now and have found nothing.

    I am curious to know if because I have the 3 pin power plugged into the 4 pin cpu plug i could be getting bad fan results. Unfortunately now as I am at work this occured to me so I haven't check the bios to find out what the fan speed is in RPMs at "high"

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