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    GPU2 on linux?? any clue?

    Hello guys.

    Yeah, I am new to ocf... but here I am, learning with you guys.

    About Linux and GPU2, any of you know any developments? I do dream of a GPU farm... diskless lol and running on Linux... just like the ol' Overclockix style...

    I can't afford to spend money on MS OS xp or vista... rather use Linux... VM... whatever...

    Oh well...
    I read in nvidia cuda forum that someone from ocf managed to gpu fold on linux...
    If only he could share the secret... eh eh eh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack30 View Post
    Also check:

    Setup by Zerix01
    Gigabyte P35-DS3R, E6300, 2x512MB Team Group DDR2 667, EVGA 7800GT Heat

    Want to run the folding@home gpu client in linux?

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