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    Any way to limit the Local Settings\Temp folder?

    Seeing tons of .tmp files going all the way back in 2002. Most of them are from extracting .rar files. Takes forever to select and delete all of these; there's over 70k total and it won't just let me select all and delete (some are in use/protected or whatever).

    Is there no way at all to limit the amount of crap in this folder? I had up to 7GB of these useless .tmp files, then started deleting them in groups of a few hundred each (goes very slow... and like impossibly slow if I try to delete 1000 at the same time), now the folder is finally down to 5gb but this is taking forever.

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    Instead of trying to delete the temp files manually by hand, either use the built-in Disk Cleanup utility or a program like CCleaner to perform regular maintenance on the directory...

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    Actually if you install the latest version of Spybot Search & Destroy it will ask if you want to delete them as well. Best advise is to not let it get that large in the first place and do some regular cleanup every month or so.

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    yea I've been using the disk cleanup utility but it seemed to miss all those files for some reason. I deleted all of them manually.

    Going to use CCleaner for this from now on, thanks.

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