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    600 cel

    Playing around and got my 600 cel up to 1031 today. Added a vent from outside directly to my cpu and gained a bit more. need to try 2.0 vlts one of these days

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    Nice OC very nice
    I get to play with a cely 700 tomorrow, I've played with it before and got it to 1050 1.95V 100% stable (it was brand spanking new), but now I'm going to use my PEP66 with a 62W peltier and hopefully get it stable @ 1155 or even more (highest I tried before was 1155 1.95V but it wasn't stable).
    Maybe I can get it running @ 1200+, but after 115 FSB I have to take a big step cuz there's something in my rig that doesn't like the PCI going over 38.66MHz ah well maybe it will do an amazing 1300+(124/31)
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    May have to get better cooling for mine can only get it stable at night when itws cold. Got a window vent blowing outside air directly on cpu. maybe get a peltier

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    Sweet overclock, cross your fingers and hope for some more!
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    I've pulled 950 from a 566cel. Stable. fsb at 112. I haven't gone any higher than 1.85 on the core. It was fine. I was able to run 115 fsb at 1.85 but no stability. I've had "the fear" about going higher on the core. Bud, I would LOVE to hit that 1 gig mark just to do it. I'm guessing you took the risk and jumped your core up. Is that it? I know it's the combo of (among other things) fsb AND core. Is that how you did it. I also know I'm at the edge. I'm using air cooling, case mods to get air from the side panel onto the cpu. Generic cpu fan. you've been there. Your opinion, can the chip take more?

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