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    Air Cooling an EVGA GTX 280...

    If I just run this card stock cooled and water cool the CPU:

    1. Is it worth water cooling at all?

    2. Should I water cool the GPU if I water cool the CPU?

    No overclocking.

    Plenty of games.

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    if your not going to overclock, then there is no point in watercooling, unless of course you wanted a silent, fanless machine. But it would be a hell of a price for a bit of peace that you probably wouldnt notice...
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    Well to WC the CPU with the better parts your looking at $250 or so. Add another $80 for the GPU. A decent 120x3 rad would cool them both easy, so if going water, why not do both?

    Lookies my sig, same GPU. If you have the WC parts already on the CPU, yea WC it, your temps will drop a TON on the GPU.
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