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    More new SSD's from SuperTalent

    Super Talent launches its MasterDrive OX, PX SSDs

    Super Talent is bulking up its solid-state drive (SSD) family with new, third generation models. The company today announced that its new MasterDrive OX and PX SSDs feature a brand new multi-channel SATA-II controller for increased read/write speeds.

    The new 2.5" MasterDrive OX drives employ multi-level cell (MLC) memory and feature read speeds of 150MB/sec and write speeds of 100MB/sec. The drives will be available in capacities of 32GB ($149), 64GB ($259), and 128GB ($419).

    Super Talent also made updates to its single-level cell (SLC) SSDs with the new MasterDrive PX family. These drives will be available in capacities of 32GB ($499) or 64GB ($849) and are capable of 170MB/sec reads and 130MB/sec writes.

    Interestingly, the MLC-based drives come with a paltry one-year warranty, while the SLC drives are backed by a more respectable three-year warranty.

    "In this, our third generation of SATA SSDs, we’ve taken performance to incredible new heights, with sustained read and write speeds that will leave any hard disk drive in the dust," said Joe James, Super Talent Director of Marketing. "At the same time, our MasterDrive SSDs are among the most cost effective solid state storage solutions available."

    The drives are expected to be available in the retail market later this week.

    Pretty decent prices, benches should be coming out soon.
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    those prices are great, i hope the benches are "good" and they dont suffer from any stuttering/pausing problems.
    seriously considering the 64gb to replace my dieing laptop drive.

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    This sounds awesome! I was disappointed then the OCZ Core series ended up being so problematic. Hopefully these perform much better. I will have to hold back until some real users make benches that show low file size read and writes. Seems that a lot of initial benches just want to show how fast they "can" go and don't care how they work with small files performance.

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    Anyone buy one of these or see a review for them yet? I want to see how they perform compared to the OCZ's.

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    it would be nice to see these vs OCZ Core vs Patriot Warp

    i'm really disappointed with the OCZ Core....
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