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    Programs on other harddrive after reinstall

    Im going to re-install vista. I have a hard drive for my operating system and a hard drive for my files.

    Im just wondering, if i reinstall vista on my first harddrive, what will happen about all the programs i installed on my other harddrive? Will they show up in the installed programs list in the cpanel, will i still be able to access them from the "all programs" menu, what about programs that start up with vista starts up?

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    if they are installed on the other drive they will not be listed in the registry or control panel of the vista os drive. The programs may function but some may not, depends on what programs they are.
    You may just want to reinstall the programs but leave your other files on the separate drive. Typically it would be best to install programs on the os drive and just use the separate drive for backups/storage of your files.
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    Ok, I should have done that i guess. Since im already in this position / problem, is there anything i can do to help things. Perhaps make a backup of my registry and integrate it into my fresh vista install?

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