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Thread: MB Limitation?

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    MB Limitation?

    After 3 years of my last computer, I finally built a new one.

    OCZ DDR2 800 5-5-5-15 [thats what its running at]
    Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L [this is what i question]
    Ati 4850

    So after playing for a month or two with this computer, I feel like this computer isn't really meeting the expectations of what I had for it. Everything is at stock settings but I'm pretty sure performance could be better.
    Could this possibly be a motherboard limitation? The g31 chipset is a pretty budget chipset. being paired with ICH7 doesn't seem to be helping either. I'm not too familiar with intel chipsets so please advise. As a side note, I play crysis at 40 fps with all things on medium on 2xAA.

    Last time I checked, the vista impact on nvidia drivers were minimal. Isn't it the same for Ati or am i wrong?

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    the p45 chipset would be much better over all choice gigabyte or asus but you have a micro board make sure you case has room for a atx mb
    mb rampage 2 extreme
    cpu i7 920do
    ram kingston 1600 3x1gig
    video ati 4890 1gig
    ps corsair 750tx
    cooler venomous x push pull
    hd.s 2xwd raptors in raido
    case cm. storm sniper

    My Heatware

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