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    Crossfire - How many monitors?

    Simple question.. I have the Supermicro X7DWA-N motherboard that has two PCI-E 16x Gen2 slots, and it is compatible with ATI's Crossfire. I currently have two Radeons(listed in sig). Each is a different model, and they run independently of each other. The reason for having a second one is only because I need more than two monitors.

    Here comes the question... Can I have lets say two 3870s, run them in CF-X, and still use all four outputs on the cards? I read the wiki on this, and it says you can use multiple outputs on CF-X, but it doesn't go into detail. If I ever do anything GPU intensive, it's a game, and only one monitor, so I don't need to share GPU power over multiple screens.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Well CF works on 2 montiors that I know of for sure. Even in games from what I've seen in 1 game at least. I've never attempted to hook it up to a secondary monitor on the 2nd card to see if it would work in CF but I doubt it.
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    Crossfire only supports 2 monitors on the main card. Another monitor on the second card won't work with CF enabled.
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