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    2X2GB of DDR2 1066+

    I need a new set of 2X2GB DDR2 RAM. The Corsair Dominators I currently have (PC2-8500) are headed for a RMA. Since Corsair does not cross ship what RAM should I buy? I currently Have an EVGA 680i with an E6400 running at 3.2. I need some ram that will maintain this speed and will be good for my next board/cpu purchase which will most likely be a P5Q with a Q6600 or better............

    The replacement Dominators will either go toward a 2nd rig or be sold, not sure yet. I am looking for great bang for the buck but will sacrafice some buck for bang.

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    These are all good:

    These are a great value:

    These are fastest:

    All of these kits use Powerchips. They run cool and max out about 2.0v.
    The difference between them is binning of the ICs.

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