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    ocz reaper 1066 wont overclock at all

    Please help me oc my memory.

    I'm currently running the following rig
    Asus P5Q mother board
    Core2Duo E7200 @ 7.5 x 400 (stock cooling for now) 1.27v
    2 x 1gb OCZ Reaper 1066 memory @ 1066 2.1v
    Leadtek Geforece 9800gt 512mb
    600w proline powersupply

    My memory wont over clock at all even 1140mhz @ at 2.3 volt wont even make post. And I am sure this is my main bottle neck as my fsb is curently 1600 and my memory only 1066. Id like to get it to 1200mhz at leased

    Has any one been able to get these chips to run stable at a higher clock speed or do I need to buy new ram .

    Thanx in advanced

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    You are not being bottlenecked by your ram at that speed, Go into the bios and link the ram and cpu fsb to 1:1, that will make it at the optimum mhz for the ram and cpu. It will probably under clock it, if it does then leave it at stock. you dont base it off the end 1600mhz bus of the cpu and the end ram mhz of 1066, you base it off of the fsb you set into the over clocking section and the divider you choose.
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    as said your ram can hit 533 FSb before it is being overclocked.

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    Thanx for the fast replys , I get it 533 x 2 = 1066 and im only at 400mhz so im still cool maybey I schould take my ram down to 800 "

    . What kind off mem bandwidth is posible for a rig like this. what should I be aiming for Sissoft sandra says Im at 7400MB per sec. Would I get higher performance from ddr1200mhz memory

    And a little off the toppic, My cpu at 3Ghz runs 60'C at full load, I would like to push my cpu to 3.4 or 3.6 ghz is it the temps that are limiting my cpu to a stable 3 to 3.2ghz or is 60 still acceptable and should I rather start looking for the limitation somewhere else .

    Thanx Guys

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    Did you raise NB voltage??

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    Another thing to check with the P5Q is the Performance Level. Try a notch or two higher. I used some OCZ 1066 on mine and had no problems up to 1200 using a littler higher PL.
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