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Thread: new system

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    new system

    hi i am building a pc from scratch .my 1st one. i'm going to use
    coolermaster cosmos case
    noctua nh-u12p cpu hs
    antec 650ps
    2x640wd hard drives
    4x1gb corsair dominator c4d 6400
    evga 122ck-nf67-T1mb 680i

    my questions are the memory i bought 1set is version 1.2
    the other set is version 2.2
    is this a problem running all 4 sticks together being as they are different versions but are the same model c4dif so does anybody know how to set these up so they will be compatible together?
    as for the os would like to dual boot xp32 and vista premium 32 or 64 .
    reason i bought the 2 sets of 2gb instead of 2x2gb was great deal .is running 4x1gb sticks versus 2x2gb sticks more of a stress on mb and overclocking? thanks alot help.

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    I know running 4 sticks in my 650i motherboard causes all kinds of issues, and I've heard that using all 4 dimms on any of the 600 series boards will likely cause problems.

    Running different brands of RAM together is possible, so I don't see why yours wouldn't work together as long as the memory runs at the same timings and voltage.
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