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    which stepping codes are the best for overclocking?

    i was needing to find out the best steppings for all AMD products

    i have never owned AMD, jsut Intel, so i don't know

    at my university, i managed to put together a hardware engineering class, basically overclocking and mods

    anyways, my dad got AMD to sponsor us.

    basically they said just let us know what you need

    so any ideas or suggestions

    oh ya, everything that we get should be unlocked engineering spec cpu's

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    well...the AXIA is an all time favorite...though you wont get any of those anymore...Seems the new AGKGA does well..both in the "y" version and the "9" version(wich is what i have)..Im sure there will be people who answer much better then me...But Im new to AMD as well...

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    I can only speak for the Tbirds. AYHJA is a good stepping. should reach 1500+ easily.

    Abit NF7 w/ Mobile Barton 2500+

    My Heatware

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    ayhja-y is what i have, very cool, runs at 95 degrees not overclocked yet but sooN! like tonight lol casnt wait! since the axia is no longer around i would go w/ the ayhja i dont know if the -9 or the -y is better tho

    good luck
    sounds like a sweet class!

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