so here's my dilemma: since v8.9 i've been having problems updating. after each install and reboot, i get the same bsod each and everytime. i've gone as far as completely uninstalling everything then reinstalling from the packaged CD (v8.5) and updated thru each single version. somehow i got v8.10 to work, but v8.11 keeps bsod'ing. i've also tried uninstalling completely and deleted everything ATI-related as well as using Driver Sweeper, then tried a fresh install of v8.11. that didn't work either

so right now i've done a system restore, but because of all the crap i've done, CCC doesn't work x1000

what can i do to make every future update as painless, stress-free, and easy as possible??

p.s. i'm running Vista64