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    Stay Away From

    Placed an order for several items at Performance-PCs, one item shipped was the wrong size (the right size was listed on my invoice) and another item was defective upon arrival. The only way they would replace either item was for me to pay the shipping to return the wrong & defective item. They make their customers pay the shipping to return items they send in error and for defective parts.

    In addition to having to pay the return shipping cost, you have to wait until they receive and process the returned items before they ship the replacements to you. If you need the item(s) right away you are out of luck. I thought about ordering my defective/incorrect items from another company and just get a refund from Performance PC. This way I could cut down the amount of time I had to wait by avoiding having to wait the time for my return shipping and their processing time. However, if they issue a refund, even on items they shipped incorrectly and on defective parts, they charge you a 15% restocking fee.

    That’s right, when they make a mistake – they still charge you a 15% restocking fee. Make you pay return shipping and make you wait an extra long time (or pay a 15% restocking fee).

    At the end of the day, I needed the parts quickly and after paying return shipping and the 15% restocking fee it just wasn't worth the hassle. Therefore, I just threw the bad parts from Performance-PCs in the trash can and ordered replacements from another company. I received the parts in 3 days using standard shipping. As a side note, the parts were cheaper from the other company - and I received the correct part and a part that works perfect. Sorry I'm out the money I paid to Performance-PCs, yet glad I got the replacements much quicker by ordering them from much more reputable company.

    This isn’t a company you should do business with – avoid them. They have absolutely no concern for their customers and absolutely don’t treat their customers fairly. Do NOT do business with them at any cost. I’ll bet they will soon be out of business given their very poor customer policies.

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    Dam that sux I found their prices to be outrageous so I never ordered from them. This finally sinks it for me. Be sure to leave that info here .

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    Just curious, did you attempt to contact them to see if they would make an exception?
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    Thanks for sharing this. They were on my short list to buy a few sleeving items and watercooling parts from; but maybe not any longer. Hopefully they see this post and attempt to at least make things right with you.

    - , they have been getting a lot of poor resellerratings lately. I'm definitely avoiding them now.

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    wow ... not always the best prices ... but they used to be a pretty decent and reliable source, i would call them tho ... i have heard of this happening in the past w/ them and they made it right w/o the charges

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    I just placed an order with them Sunday
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    Paying return shipping is not out of the ordinary for DOA products, some vendors may pay for return shipping and have decent terms in their Policy & Agreement page, those that do have high resellerratings, as for RMA processing, no vendor on earth is going to give you a refund before inspecting what was shipped back. For all they know someone may have sent them a brick in a box, and kept the merchandise sent.

    I do however agree with you 100% about them not paying return shipping for mistakes on their end, like sending the wrong product, for that, imho, they should pay for RMA shipping, but many vendors in the fine print list the customer always pays for return shipping, then they send you the right product to you on their dime.

    That's why I'm willing to pay a little bit more and buy from companies like Newegg, Jab-Tech, Petras Tech Shop and a few more, these guys still believing the customer is always sometimes right, even if the customer is wrong

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    Thats kind of odd. I placed an order with them once and they shipped my a 120mm fan instead of a 92mm fan. I called them and they sent my out the 92mm the same day with a return package for the 120mm fan. I did have to pay shipping on it but after it got they they credited it back to my account. A few months ago my dad ordered a keyboard from Newegg. Keyboard came and a some of the buttons didn't work. I contacted them got an RMA number and PMed they support guy here. I asked him if they could wave the restock fee as the keyboard was DOA. He said sure since it was DOA, my dad got the refund back minus the 15&#37; restock fee they said they would wave and he had to pay to ship it back to them.
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    Well i'm thankful my transaction went way smoother than yours, I got what I wanted and it worked as it should. Thanks for the heads up though.
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    My order arrived perfectly fine, but that was only one small order. While I don't agree with Performance-PCS's return policies, it does state them right on their website, everything you've stated. You agree to them when you buy an item :\
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    I vote with my wallet and avoid companies like this. There are too many other vendors who carry the same stuff. I'm willing to pay a little more to deal with a company that understands what service means.

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    I live near Performance-pcs and use them pretty often if I don't want to wait on shipping and haven't had any problems. I would say I think they have outgrown their business and that's probably what is causing problems with them. My office is bigger than their whole place and there is maybe five people working at it! They seem to do allot of business and I think they can't keep up any more with their current setup imo.

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    I had my absolute worst online buying experience Perfomace-Pcs. It was their attitude that really made me never shop there again. I agree stay away and stick with the usual suspects like Silversink sam suggested.
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    They also gave me poor customer service when they sent a wrong item. They gave nothing bit attitude and excuses. I ended up taking it as a small loss.
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    List the same info on - eventually they'll fix their policies or they'll be out of business.
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    I just read this thread and I'm not going to buy from them, I'm going to wait for jab-tech to get items in stock so I can order from him instead.
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    had the same problems with em not once, but twice, never will use them again and will tell everyone to stay away from them, if you want to buy something sleeved, order from (a little higher than others but have never had anything missing, messed up, or doa) great company to buy from
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    Here in Australia we are very limited to components and mod gear which we can purchase.
    So most of the time I have to source from OS mainly the US.
    I placed a big order with Performance Pc's as they were the only ones that had stock. One of my items was a modded LianLi V2010b PSU plate (almost $50).
    When it arrived, I soon discovered that it was the wrong one. Contacted them and they told me I'd have to ship it back to them (at my expense ).
    I argued with them to no avail, since it was their mistake they should've offered to send me out the right one, or at least pay for the postage.
    Anyhow, sent the dodgy one back to them. They replied that they will make me a custom one and will ship it out to me as soon as it is ready. Received it nearly two weeks later and guess what "DOESN'T FIT". I had to mod it myself. but it is still not a perfect fit.
    I order a lot of stuff from the US and if they treated me the way they should’ve, I’d still be buying from them.
    Performance-PC's see yah.

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    Well, they just sent me a wrong item. Let's see how they handle this. I ordered an AC Freezer Pro 7 rev2 for LGA 1366 with my Rosie RAC Harvest prize $$, and they sent me the old one for 775. While they did ship quick, the sent the wrong item despite the packing slip being signed by two different people. I'll report back with how they handle this.

    EDIT: Everyone should be aware of this. From
    Shortages/Wrong Items

    * The customer must contact Performance Pc's within 72 hours (not including weekends) of any shortages or mistakes in an order upon delivery date. Any notifications of shortages/wrong items after 72 business hours will NOT be honored! You are expected to open and inspect your delivery immediately after you receive it. Please make sure you dump all packing material out, look for small items being taped to larger ones and even look under the bottom box flaps before you contact us for a shortage. Also please look at your Packing slip on the side of the box. If the items are all checked off and the packing slip is initialed twice in the "Packed by" and "Verified By" spaces; the product should be all included in the box.
    I point this out b/c my shipment arrived Monday, and I just opened it today (Thursday.)
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