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Thread: Copper piping?

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    Copper piping?

    I was at Home Depot the other day, and saw tons of different lengths of copper pipes 1/2" ID. It was VERY inexpensive, too, and I'd never have to worry about leaks with it. I was wondering if it's a bad idea though since it would absorb heat. Would it cause the water system to heat up, and not be cooled by the radiator/cooling tower (aka bong) setup I'm going to use? I don't think it would, but I'd like a second, third, and fourth opinion .

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    You could use copper pipe for the cpu to shower head leg of the system. This could help shed some heat before it gets to the bong, maybe getting you closer to the wet-bulb temp.
    For the return line though, stick to vinyl tubing. You want it to stay as cool as possible for the trip to the cpu.

    You would probably end up using all vinyl tubing inside the case anyway. You can't mount the board once the lines are soldered (they won't bend out of the way), and you can't solder them with the mobo in the case (dripping solder and torch heat kill electronics).

    Just a thought anyway.

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    I have seen a pic and an article by a guy who did what you are suggesting. I do not remember where it was. What I remember is that he reported that there was no difference in temps between the system with plastic tubes and copper. It did look cool. I don't think he said what he put in first, the mobo or the cooling system.
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