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    Has Microsoft Bricked XP or something?

    Lately my and my friend's win XP computers aren't running games properly anymore and even when we reinstall everything clean anything that runs in direct X9 that used to run super fast runs choppy... we're talking battlefield 2 running choppy on a 4850...

    What the hell is going on?

    can't seem to fix it... have changed every single system component but the hard drives...
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    did you try rolling back drivers for the 4850?
    i really doubt ms would 'brick' xp like that. try a very fresh install with no windows updates and see what you get
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    Sounds like either a driver issue or a hardware fault. Make sure the card isn't overheating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    Sounds like either a driver issue or a hardware fault. Make sure the card isn't overheating.

    Yup this makes the most sense. If you are running the Cas 8.11 drivers they are pretty well know to massively suck
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    If you are both using the same drivers...odds are it is this...I wouldnt think both of you would have the same hardware go out at the same time since you are both having the same issues...

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