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    ULTRA LSP-650W PSU $62.08 Shipped! or...

    Awesome Deal IMO

    Plus if you buy $100 or more you get the "$1.99 of shipping only" deal
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    I did a little reading their warranty because I was concerned about the odd size 135mm fan this PSU uses, reason I looked at the warranty is to determine what happens if the fan dies, since finding a decent 135mm fan isn't all that easy, I know Papst makes a 24v 135mm fan, and EBM has a 12 volt model, 52dBA though, Even Sanyo Denki doesnt make a 135mm fan which is unusual.

    Luckily this PSU has a lifetime warranty, valid only for the original purchaser, not transferable if resold. Which is normal. So it's all good.
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    $41 shipping to Alaska. And that's old ratty UPS ground service! Another reason I almost never shop Tiger Direct. Shipping with Newegg would be about $25 with two-day FEDEX. Shipping with other vendors would be about $10 for USPS Priority Flat Rate.

    Not really complaining here. I have found some marvelous vendors, like Petra's Tech Shop that will ship USPS Priority. also has great options. You just have to watch out for scheisters like Tiger Direct.

    For you guys in the contiguous 48 though, that's an excellent deal on a high quality PSU.
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