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    short term, upgrade CPU worth it?

    I currently have 5000+, non BE version and I can top out at a hair over 3GHz overclocked.

    My long term plan for new computer is at least a year away and it will have new mobo, new CPU, and DDR3 RAM, and probably a newer video card as well. But I wanted to get a little extra kick out of my current rig.

    Is it worth it to get AMD 6400+ and clock it up to 3.4 or 3.5 GHz? If I do get it, I can sell my 5000+ for about $40-$50 on eBay so the final cost would be $50 to $60 for the 6400+

    Or should I stick the money elsewhere? My RAM is already close to max at 3GB for Windows XP 32 bits and no need to go higher. I have over 400GB of free disk space so no new hard drive this year. I have no plan to get Blu-Ray drive anytime soon, will get it only when the original Star Wars is out on blu-ray (not the modern CGI enhanced crap version Lucas keeps pushing out) A phase change cooler would add some wow factor but it'd also add a lot to electric bill, my PC doesn't go out of the house, and I live in a farming community so I get very few visitor that do know a thing or 2 about computers.

    A trip to seafood restaurant for a nice steaming lobster would be nice but that only lasts a few hours before I am hungry while the $50 investment gets me an extra 400 to 500MHz out of my current rig.
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    My opinion, no, it's not worth it.

    If I could make my X2 4000 do 3GHz, I'd be so happy.
    (Never tried going that far, don't want to risk corrupting my BIOS).

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    i think you should get a really cheepo processor and try and oc your more and the use the cheepo processor if you fry the current one.

    you know so atleast you'll have a computer
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    I would just stick it out, and invest the extra money in your next setup. Your current setup seems pretty decent.

    Aren't the Phenom X4's compatible with that board?

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    The only CPU I might get now is one of the new K10 duals for cheap that others have done 3G+. The benifit is in the larger cache.
    The next runner up is one of the DC 45nm if they get release before you are ready to build the new rig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4GHZ_or_bust View Post
    will get it only when the original Star Wars is out on blu-ray (not the modern CGI enhanced crap version Lucas keeps pushing out)
    Don't get your hopes up. They've denied plans about Blu-Ray versions 1.5 years ago and I haven't heard of anything ever since.
    As George the Hack has stated, he destroyed the Master Reels of the Original Trilogy (I can't find the link...) sometime after the 1997 rerelease.
    All that is supposedly left of the OT are the crappy, cropped stereo Laserdisc-Transfers that got released a while ago on DVD.

    Maybe you should try a Kobe-Steak? If they're as good as they are claimed to be, they should be worth it. And the US import ban has been lifted in 2005(or -6?), so you should be able to get the genuine product, not just "Kobe-Style".

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    I'd spend a little for 2x 2Gb RAM sticks, which may let you raise the OC a few more MHz. The DFI should handle a higher clock so I'm guessing the RAM is limiting you some ...

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