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    install windows from USB?

    I just wanted to know if it was possible to install XP/Vista from a USB drive? My wife is extremely rough on computers.. Broke the cd-rom drive in the Sony Vaio she has. I literally had to ram the drive back in. She broke the railing that made the drive slide in and out somehow, I havent actually tried the drive yet, I'm just assuming its dead. Either way, it doesnt exactly pop in and out anymore. I dont need to do a reinstall right now, but when and if the time comes, can I copy the windows install files to a jump drive and install from it? If I have a, say 8gb usb drive, just copy the install files to the drive, set the boot priority in the bios, and let it boot the jump drive?

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    i do not know if this would work
    but you could try something like this:

    just make sure the does not break the usb ports =D

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    While it IS possible to do like that you may not choose that option as it will take quite a while(especially Vista) to install. That is quite a bit longer than a CD or DVD drive will take.

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    could you get an external cd drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redduc900 View Post
    ^^^ @ kevlar93... you need to enclose the link in URL tags:|294%3A50


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    It works, I have a few patriot xt drives laying around so I figured I'd make use of one and see if it really worked using the same guide that I found on a different site, only took about 20 min to install ultimate from start to finish which is way faster than what it takes using the dvd
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    Nice.. thanks for the replies guys..

    For the replies mentioning purchasing an external cd drive, I realize that, that is an option, but this is an old laptop. I will be buying her a new one soon, and this one will become mine. I plan on getting another laptop at some point for myself, but I may stick linux on it or reinstall windows on it just to have something to play with. I dont wanna put more money in it because its prob not worth it

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