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    what tools to overclock 9300m gs with?

    i have a hp dv3500 laptop. and i actually use it to play games - not as a full time thing, i transfer my saves back and forth across from my main pc and all. anyway, i've realised the games i would like to play are fallout 3 and bioshock. i'll admit, when i picked up the machine gaming wasn't my intention, portability was. but with bioshock i was gaming at medium detail levels with obvious slowdown where there's lots of smoke effects. and fallout 3 too, at medium (chugs badly indoors, though).

    overall, i'm perfectly happy with this machine, i couldn't have asked more and sacrificed portability (at my price point). now i want to risk everything (including my lap) and overclock the gpu as far as it'll take it.

    i already performed some lengthy stress tests on a flat surface and my temps were reported as 59* max. what would be a safe level for this gpu? would it be safe in the 70's? and what tools would i need (atitool won't let me use the sliders, even after i installed it after deactivating signed drivers - vista ultimate x64).

    i know, i won't get mindblowing framerates, but i thought "well, hey. why not".

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    i would think riva tuner would work i am not sure though.
    its at

    you might not be able to get much out of it its already pretty hot i bet.
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