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    Cool windows power options for cooling (cpu power management) EFFECTIVE!!!

    I have setup my pc to run underclocked during low demand tasks (browsing net, downloading movies, ftp to my xbox, ect...) but here is the good part: when I open an app the multiplier jumps from somwhere between 4 and 8 to 9 for max overclock speed! it stays there untill the processor utilization falls to an avgerage or low percentile then windows changes the multiplier back to a lower number. depending on demand.

    reducing heat 20 C with stock cooling

    control panel>power options>change plan settings>change advanced plan settings>processor power management

    ok math time, Ill use my cpu as the example.
    normal clock is 1800 MHZ - htt/fsb 200 X 9 = 1800
    I set my overclock to max out at 250 X 9 = 2250 MHZ
    so 2250 is one of the numbers we will be working with... the max !

    Now to figure the minimum we want...
    unless on batterries I dont want to underclock below 1800 so I need to find a formula that allows 1800 to be the minimum clock
    2250 X .8 (point 8 = 80%) = 1800

    (max MHZ) X % = your desired minimum

    cool now we have our values for processor power management!

    now back in processor power management you have minimum and maximum values to choose from (1-100 %)

    max would be 100 min would be my desired lowest clock. 80% for 1800MHZ
    on batteries max is 80% min is 1% allowing 800 mhz - 1800 depending on demand (battery extender ... call it a battery life overclock lol )

    now it chills around 2000 mhz while typing this, if I get up for a beer it drops to 1800 MHZ, and its always dependable...

    with stock cooling I average 50 C with these settings ... when running OC 100% of the time I hit the high 60 C area, and have to turn on my extra fans.

    After a week of testing this I havent had to turn on my aftermarket cooling yet. and I still get all the use of 2.25ghz I could get without running 2.25 all the time, saving power, money for cooling and power bill, and saving the lifetime of my hardware

    BTW my cpu max temp (kill temp like... "D.E.D" dead) is 93 C. not 63 like many others.


    ________Vista Ult. x64_________
    Windows 7 Ult. x64 / Kali Linux
    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 R5
    FX-9590 Black Edition 4.7 - 5.0 GHZ --- (8 cores 8 threads)
    Evo 12 air cooler
    Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 1866MHz DDR3
    TWIN Radeon HD 7870 GHZ OC video cards --- (crossfire - Tahitti)
    1050 watt platinum PSU
    TWIN 120 GB SSD 500 MBPS R/W
    2 TB storage HDD
    LG BluRay-cd-dvd
    5 120 mm fans - DIGITAL fan controller

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    wow, triple play!

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