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    Blank Monitor

    for som reason the monitor on my pc stays blank when i power it on, it was running fine today and then i opened it up and put a new cpu in it and then when i went to turn it back on the pc powers up. the mouse turns on but the monitor stays blank and the keyboard does not turn on, usually the monitor goes from a orange light to a green, but it just stays orange, i tried replugging everything and even going back to the old cpu. but still nothing, anyone know how to fix this, it happened to me a long time ago and i really dont remember how i got to work

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    Try clearing the BIOS with jumpers on the board and see where that gets you.

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    I had the exact same thing happen to me today. When I pulled my vid card, I found that one of the solid caps were blown. RMA town for me.

    You need feed back from your motherboard. Get a speaker plugged in so you can hear the beep code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeasonalEclipse View Post
    Try clearing the BIOS with jumpers on the board and see where that gets you.
    what do you mean by this,and also i tried to turn it on and plug speakers hin to hear the beep but there was no sound, i tried headphones also and still no sound. if it helps at all, when i turn the monitor on the light goes green for like 2 sec then it makes a click noise and it goes orange and thats it

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    Find the manual to your motherboard and look for the CMOS reset jumper. It is a little jumper that you have to pull off of two pins and put them onto the next pin set over for about 10 seconds. You then put the jumper back onto the original pins and that's it. You should pull the battery for about a minute also and that will set your BIOS back to original settings. The speaker he is referring to is for the motherboard, not the system speakers. Like this.. If you look in your manual you should find a connection for a MB speaker.
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    Yah motherboard speaker.

    There are a number of cause for this situation

    Bad video cable. (swap cable)

    Bad Video card (swap video card for an old PCI card if you have one laying around)

    Insufficient power to video card (Check PCIE connector)

    Bad memory (try running one stick, no boot, remove and install other single stick, put one stick in 4th slot and cycle power)

    Bad motherboard (If all other components are working than it leaves only the brain)

    I am leaning towards the last since your KB does not light up. Hopefully CMOS reset will help solve situation
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    well i tried the cmos reset and it didnt do anything also there is no sound coming from the MOBO speaker, its just silence

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    So I'm guessing that since the keyboard speaker isn't working then the mobo is dead

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    Unplug the power to the power supply.
    Theirs a small battery on your motherboard, remove it (if you have a volt meter make sure it has voltage like 1.5v).
    Remove and reinstall the memory.
    Remove and reinstall the video card.
    Set the CMOS jumper to clear the CMOS.
    Leave it sit over night.
    Reinstall the battery, move the jumper back and plug it in.
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    tried it and still no luck. So I'm leaning toward it's a bad mobo

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