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    i5 any speculations\info

    I heard about the i5 and have read a little I am planing a new home server build in the near future and was wondering if I should wait? I have old AMD athlon 64's and P4's lying around and was wondering if it would be worth the wait as they may be cool running @ or below stock.
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    looks good, i am going to wait for it
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    If power efficiency and low heat is your thing, i5 is definately worth waiting for.

    I heard speculation that the launch was being pushed back to ~September '09, but that's just a rumor so far.
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    Well it is not some big coincidence that intel does this. I mean check out the G0 stepping. It was way better than the initial released quads and it came out toward the ned of the year. So yeah..just think of the i5 a better chip with a lower life span and you should be okay.

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