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    phenom II 940 189.99

    woot got this flyer in my email today

    not a bad deal on a new 940
    phenom II 945 at 3.5
    Gskill 8gb- 1600(oc)
    MSI-9800gts X2 in SLI
    1 tb-WD green
    NZXT case
    Win 7 64 bit

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    yeah i just read it a few mins ago, pretty nice deal
    i actually thought it was a newegg newsletter =O
    5820k: 4.4ghz, 3.5ghz uncore
    x99 ud4: f12, 1.33vcore, 1.95vrin, 1.23vring
    2x4gb crucial: 2400 15-15-15-36 1t
    gtx 470: 900mhz core, 1800mem, 1.212v
    swiftech gtz/mcw60/d5/triple rad

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    is this free ship?

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    Dead Deal...$225 now

    I was about to order one and the price changed on me in the cart

    Phenom II X4 940BE Stock | Core Contact Freezer | Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4 | 4gb Patriot DDR2-800 4-4-4-12
    MSI 8800GT 512mb | 2x640gb WD AAKS (no RAID) | Corsair 520HX | Kingwin KT-436B-WM | XP Pro & Ubuntu 9.04


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