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    buying a new mobo need help motherboard is angering me satas are placed directly in front of the graphics card slot and i cant run sli because i dont have two pcie x16 ports
    i want either a 790gx or a 750a or 780a no 790x or 790fx
    good sata placement(preferably on the outside of the board facing out not up
    i dont need built in graphics
    no open box boards
    and under 200$ preferably 100-130$ but i would have no problem buying a 200$ board
    and i want bios that lets me have good control

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    If you want sli you can't get a 790gx either. Go with a 780a, 750 only does sli in 8x. Here's one for under $200
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    better to not spend $210 on a am2+ mobo right now..
    if you really, really want a mobo right now then the asus that upgrayedd linked should be fine.. unless you want tri sli for some reason
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    that one just looked alot better
    but why not spend 210 on an am2 mobo im not gonna build a new system with am3 or maybe intel until next year
    and i want a good high powered board until then

    i might just go with the initial thought and just buy a new gfx card
    probably a gtx 260...but i want sli and a better chipset my board is a horrible cheapo

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    Well foxconn makes decent boards too. If you're willing to spend 210 and want 3-way sli it wouldn't be a bad board. But if you're not going for 3-way sli I'd just get the asus.
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    Which ASUS M3A78 do you now have? Egg lists about 5 variations of this board.
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    the regular piece of poop one
    and buy the way
    im going to wait until amd comes out with something new and buy the new board/cpu like the phenom3 or phenom2 1xxx series
    am3 or whatever comes out after
    im going to get a gtx 280 or 260 instead....

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