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Thread: LN2 Cooking

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    LN2 Cooking

    Ok here is the deal the hotel I'm working at will start having cryo-drinks, not to be outdone our Chef want his crew to come with some idea to experiment. Since then I've been picking my brains, trawling around google and pretty much camping in libraries. Only to find 99% of what's covered is ice creams and sorbets. Being Saucier/Grillardin (main course meat/fish+sauce) I want to being something different to the table but I'm out of places to look for something.

    If anyone got better googling skills, know a good book I could get or someone to contact I would really appreciate. It's not every day that you get your boss say I'm willing you give you a few days and all the supplies you need to play with fun toy and I want to be able to just that to the fullest.
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    Heston Blumenthal.

    End of thread.

    (hint: google his recipes)
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