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Thread: ZALMAN cnps9900

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    ZALMAN cnps9900

    Toms gives it a great review. Benchmark reviews gives is a 'meh' review.

    anyone here have any experience with it on an i7?
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    For the money, your much better off with a TRUE.
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    Zalman heatsinks have a high "bling" factor but for the money you can get better performance. That has been my experience with their heatsinks at least.

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    For dual cores, it's not terrible, but like others have said, you can get more for your money. Also I've seen reviews that showed the 9900 is overwhelmed by the heat put out by a quad core.
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    If you do get it, remove the shroud.

    Considerably better performance both in cooling and noise, and becomes a reasonable competitor. Quite obviously the shroud was engineered for looks.
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